Approved Food Trucks

The Foundation acts as a clearinghouse for fundraising vendors, including food trucks. The Foundation will prepare and post a list of food trucks which have been reviewed and approved by the Davis County Health Department. The list will be posted and updated on this website.

Any food truck must appear on this list to sell on Davis School District property or at any event sponsored by the district or a school in Davis School District.

Questions or concerns about this process? Call Tiffani Griffeth at 801.402.5299 or e-mail .

Bandidos Tacos, LLC


Bruges Waffles & Frites

Cool Treats

Credible Edibles LLC

Cupbop CO.

Cupbop CO.

Curry Time

Dakine Grindz

Donut Kabobs

El Dorado LLC

El Nene Sammy

Fatty Tuna

Fry Me To The Moon #1

Fry Me To The Moon #2

Hungry Hawaiian

Jamaica’s Kitchen

Kokonut Island Grill

Kona-Ice of Syracuse

Last Course

Leila’s Luau

Leilani’s Eatery

Leroy’s Cowboy Sushi

Marquesas Corndogs


Miso Yum


Monsieur Crepes

Pala Kai

Pizza Cone Zone

Raclette Machine

Rickle’s Pie Hole

Salvadorean Pupusas

Sgt. Peppers Fat Burrito

Smokin Star BBQ


Taste of Louisiana #1

Taste of Louisiana #2

The Corndog Company

The Crazy Taco Catering

The Daily Shave

The Roasted Pleaser

The Toasted Cheeser #1

The Toasted Cheeser #2

The Twisted Lemon


Uruapan Catering

Waffle Love

Waffle Love

World’s Best Corndogs

World’s Best Corndogs #1

World’s Best Corndogs #3

World’s Best Corndogs #4

Yoshi’s Japanese Grill

Yoshi’s Japanese Grill

Zeppe’s Italian Ice