In an effort to raise funds for children, officers in several Davis County police departments grew beards for kids. Typically, officers in uniform may only have a mustache. In an effort to help the children of Davis School District, those officers wanting to grow a beard or other facial hair, made a $20 per month donation. After two months, they came to our office to say goodbye to the beards and give the children of the Davis School District a donation.


On November 30, our office was filled with news crews and law enforcement, all coming together to celebrate. The superintendent came down and spoke with everyone about the problems our children face and how needed these funds are.

“Every single school has at least one child who is homeless and many children who are in poverty,” said Superintendent Dr. Bryan Bowles. “I’m thinking of kids who live in less than adequate situations who don’t have that warmth, it makes it very difficult for them to live each day, so this is a perfect time for this to happen.”

After a few of the officers had the opportunity to shave their beards, Lt. Travis Lyman presented our Foundation with this generous check for $6,602.


We are so grateful for the wonderful community we live in and for great people who reach out to us to help our kids. Our district has more than 1,100 homeless students and more than 15,000 who are not certain where their next meal is coming from. This donation will help change the lives of children! Thank you to all who participated.