The purpose of the Cash for Classrooms grant is to provide a financial means for educators to create experiences that enrich and enhance student learning. Educators can apply for one of two grants annually:

  • Consumable supplies, subscriptions, and field trips; up to $200
  • Equipment, non-consumable supplies, technology or STEM resources; up to  $500

The Foundation partners with individuals, corporations, agencies, and organizations to provide the grant funding.

Cash For Classrooms is NOW CLOSED

Thank you to all who applied!

Cash for Classrooms

A Program of the Davis Education Foundation


The purpose of the Cash for Classrooms grant is to provide a means for educators to create experiences that enrich and enhance student learning.


  • Applicants must be a Davis School District employee who provides direct services to students. Note: If a teacher is in a  job share position, each applicant may only apply for $250.
  • Applicants must use the online application process.
  • Applicant is responsible for utilizing the granted funds in meeting needs within his or her classroom/school.
  • Applicants must receive approval from their administrator prior to applying.
  • If applying for laptops, tablets or ereaders for the classroom, please make your selection from the approved list below.
    1. Dell windows based Cloud book Latitude 3180 11 inch screen $287.00
    2. Dell windows based Touch screen tablet 3189 11 inch screen $490.00
    3. HP ProBook 11 windows based Touch screen tablet (11 inch screen) $491.01
    4. Apple iPad 2017 iPad version $305.00 (Price includes $6.00 MDM Fee)

    All of these items can be ordered through April Wale

  • Applicants are strongly encouraged to “like” the Davis Education Foundation Facebook page.
  • Recipients are required as part of the evaluation process to post on TWO social media outlets (i.e.: DEF Facebook, DEF Twitter, DEF Instagram, school webpage or other school social media) if the grant is awarded.
  • Recipients will be required to notify the parents of their students that they received a grant from the Davis Education Foundation.
  • Final evaluations are required and need to be completed within 90 days of funds being awarded.  Evaluations may include photographs, drawings, quotes, videos, essays, artwork, etc.
  • Must submit receipt, P.O. or documentation of exact purchase.  Failure to submit will result in funds being transferred back to the Foundation following the 90 day grace period. 

Selection & Notification:

  • All grants must be received by the first of each month.
  • A selection committee will review grant requests for selection and final approval.
  • Partial funding will not be considered.  Please make sure your grant meets all guidelines.
  • All grant applicants will be notified through email.  Please do not contact the Foundation regarding the status of your application.
  • Teachers will only be eligible to receive one grant annually.

The grant window will be open October 1 and remain open until funds are all expended.  Please be aware that funds are limited and early application is recommended. 

Please allow for 6 weeks between application submission and award notification. All grant recipients will be notified with a grant letter delivered through the pony. 


  • Consumable supplies, subscriptions and field trips; up to $200
  • Equipment, non-consumable supplies, technology or STEM resources; up to $500


Funding will not be given for the following:

  • Food or incentives
  • Travel
  • Salaries
  • Stipends
  • Capital projects (i.e. building or classroom improvement)
  • Tuition
  • Staff development
  • Technology or other products used solely by the educator (laptop, iPad, etc.)

*Note: Cash for Classroom grants may not be combined with colleagues for a larger project. If this is the intent, please apply for an innovative grant by contacting Jodi Lunt at 801-402-5187 or

**Note: Cash for Classrooms grants may not be used to help fund your Donors Choose projects. If this happens, all money awarded will be rescinded. 

Cash for Classrooms Grant Evaluation Form

  • Evaluation Applicant Information

  • The evaluation submitted represents the program/initiative supported by the Davis Education Foundation and meets the requirements as enumerated in the initial agreement.
  • Narrative

    Please answer all questions in the order listed. Narrative must be typed in a single space format.
  • Please include links to the two social media platforms you posted on (i.e. DEF Facebook, DEF Twitter, DEF Instagram, school webpage or other school social media)

  • Upload Photos

    Please upload two photos depicting student engagement with the items or experience provided by grant funds.



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